Al-Qaeda Ain’t Dead Yet – Just Diversifying

Posted by Fullcouch on Jan 6, 2012, 2:50pm

Many folks on the Left are saying al-Qaeda fallen by the wayside, or, weakened to the point no longer being a threat. Twenty-six  people murdered, and 60 maimed makes one beg to differ.

Guardian UK – Interior ministry says attack has all the fingerprints of terror group though opposition activists have expressed doubts government has blamed al-Qaida for a suicide bombing which reportedly killed at least 11 people in a Damascus suburb on another Friday of protests across the country.
Government officials and media said the unidentified bomber detonated an explosive belt next to buses carrying policemen in Midan, in the south of the capital, just before weekly anti-regime demonstrations were expected in the area.
The dead and more than 60 injured were said to be mostly civilians, according to the state news agency Sana. The interior ministry described the modus operandi and intention to cause mass casualties as having the “fingerprints of al-Qaida.”
Syria says al-Qaeda bombed Damascus

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