Al-Qaeda Is Subcontracting Throughout The Middle East

Posted by Fullcouch on Jan 5, 2012, 9:35am

Contrary to liberal belief, al-Qaeda is alive and well. The organization is now in the franchise business. Asymmetrical war is well at hand.

Asia Times
– The recent series of deadly bombings in Baghdad and Damascus that killed scores of civilians and agents of state have brought the phrase “al-Qaeda” back into the reckoning.

The attacks occurred at the tail-end of 2011, a year in which the organization’s original kernel was deemed pulverized to irrelevance through American-led global military and financial efforts.

The United States military-bereft Iraqi government blamed “al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia” for ghastly serialized explosions that killed scores of citizens, mainly Shi’ites, on December 22.

Syrian authorities labeled the suicide car blasts, which claimed over 40 lives and ripped apart top intelligence offices manned by Alawite Shi’ite elites on December 24, as the handiwork of “the al-Qaeda terrorist network”.

These incidents, along with evidence of ongoing acts of violence being perpetrated by other radical Sunni Islamist outfits that carry the al-Qaeda tag such as “al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula’ (Yemen and Saudi Arabia) and “al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb” (Mali, Mauritania, Libya and Algeria) suggest that the franchises spawned from the slain Osama bin Laden’s original unit are rising, not losing.
al-Qaeda – Are they live, or are they Memorex?

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