U.S. Economy Down, Canada Economy Up – And Without All Those Czars

Posted from Mexico City by Fullcouch on December 30, 2011, 9:25am

Well, looky here! Canada takes a page out of our book of economics and low and behold, they are creating jobs, and making money.
You know who just turned down another opportunity for us to create tens of thousands of well-paying jobs, and increase energy independence from the Middle East.
He’s also the one stopping us from taking a page out of our OWN book.

Investors Business Daily – Away from the low growth and high regulation of an America under Washington’s thumb, our northern neighbor is economically strong. As 2011 ends, Canada has announced yet another tax cut — and will soar even more.

The Obama administration and its economic czars have flailed about for years, baffled about how to get the U.S. economy growing.

In reality, the president need look no further than our neighbor, Canada, whose solid growth is the product of tax cuts, fiscal discipline, free trade, and energy development. That’s made Canada a roaring puma nation, while its supposedly more powerful southern neighbor stands on the outside looking in.
Canada up, U.S. down

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