Another Political Correctness Blemish – This Time It’s On The U.S. Army

Posted from Mexico City by Fullcouch on December 28, 2011, 4:15pm

Political correctness has nearly lost us two wars. We regularly cave into to more CAIR demands on behalf of Muslims in the name of diversity. The US is the last country that should be forced to accept other faiths and religions. You don’t even have to ask, folks, you can just do. There are hundreds of mosques in the US, one might even be built on Ground Zero. (How many churches and temples are there in Saudi Arabia?) Now, the Army is allowing hijabs and turbans to be worn during JROTC. This IS only a slippery slope. Yes, these are are simply symbols of one’s adherence to a certain religion, so whats that big deal?
The big deal is this; the spread of the evil part Islam, Islamism, is insidious. It is a slow-growing cancer that knows how to work our system by appealling to our “good nature” and williness to accept different cultures, faiths and religions. Muslim extremists are a very strong, patient group who are willing to take the time to slither their way into a position to spread their twisted ideology. This is a perfect example of how it’s done.
Protocol is protocol, and the last place it should be relaxed is in the military. This is especially so since it is now known there are active duty radical Muslims throughout our military.
The US Army allowing hijabs in JROTC

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